We aim to create a safe and inclusive space for African youth to learn about the climate crisis, and be prepared to call for mitigation measures and adapt to the effects of climate and environmental breakdown. We host workshops and dialogues, and build resources that look to build climate change literacy across youth from all lived experiences, especially those living in underserved or climate-affected communities. 

ABout the programme

Our education programme was born out of the urgent need for accessible, Afrocentric climate change literacy for youth in Africa, especially for those living in underserved areas. We have the following three focus areas:


Online workshops & recordings


Click below to browse our downloadable resources and online workshop recordings, or continue on this page to read more about our workshops.

Online workshops

Our online educational workshops are split into two categories: our Back2Basics Workshops and Dialogues. The Back2Basics exist to bridge gaps in climate change literacy and prepare youth in the African Climate Alliance activist network, and beyond, to feel comfortable in broader dialogues on climate change. Building on the month’s topic of the Back2Basics workshop, our dialogues are in-depth sessions that aim to marry climate change realities with expertise and understandings from those on the front lines. Every session features guest speakers who can bring together a combination of science and lived experience.  Some examples of our workshops can be seen below:


In-person workshops

We regularly host in-person workshops led by us, or in collaboration with our partners. 
Many of our workshops utilise the open space methodology alongside creative facilitation. 
Some of the workshops we have run can be seen below:

The Power of
Your Voice
Afrocentrism: Developing Climate Justice knowledge
How Rest Fits
in the Fight for Justice
for Resilience
What is Environmental Education and why is it Important?
Why is Intersectionality Important when Addressing the Environmental Crises?
What does Climate Justice Look Like in South Africa Ahead of COP26?
What is the Climate Emergency? How do we Feel? How can we Come Together?