We are A youth-led grassroots movement-based organisation acting and advocating for AFROCENTRIC climate justice

To us, Climate Justice = Environmental + Social + Climate Change Justice

Who we are

Our organisation was born out of the first-ever major youth-led climate protest in Cape Town, South Africa in 2019. Since then, our work has transformed to meet many of the challenges that are posing the African, and especially South African, youth climate movement. Having initially taken the lead from the European climate movement, with time it became clear that this way of climate organising doesn’t fit the South African mould, often excluding those most affected by inequality and climate injustice. It is with this in mind that the group has been transforming and working with a focus on afrocentric climate literacy and social inclusion. The aspirational name of the organisation was chosen by an interschools’ climate council with the long-term hope of building youth-led climate alliances across Africa.


We aim to act and advocate for climate justice whilst inclusively building up and amplifying youth voices across sectors of society, bridging connections to create intergenerational organising potential with youth at the centre. We do this by focusing on Afrocentric socio-environmental education, advocacy and action, whilst providing a safe and inclusive space for South African youth.  Currently we work through four project areas including an ambassador programme that spans across various African countries. 


Learn more about climate change, climate justice and climate adaptation using our resources page which is always a work in progress. 

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