On-the-ground collaborative actions which call for, and engage in, transformative and restorative climate justice. 

AboUt the programme

Our action programme focuses on collaborating with civil society and community-based organisations, as well as schools to partner in actions which call for transformative and restorative climate justice. Our focus for our action programme has been provincially in the Western Cape and Nationally in South Africa. However, we have also brought Africa-wide issues to our South African government through collaboration and solidarity.  Our programme focuses include: 

  • Coalition-led mobilisation and protests 
  • March for System Change
  • School Engagements
  • Coalitions
  • Artivism

Read more about these below.

coalition-led mobilisations and protests

Our work all started with a group of people who organised a mass climate protest in Cape Town supported by schools and civil society. Since then our work has expanded greatly but we still believe in the importance of building solidarity and collaboration across movements and organisations. As such our action programme doesn’t exist in isolation. We have a number of partners who we regularly work with to organise mobilisations and protests. We consistently deliver demands to the government, calling on them to use the climate crisis as an opportunity to make social, economic and environmental reforms that will bring positive to change to the people of South Africa. We have had a number of engagements with the government beyond these protests and have seen some of our demands partly addressed. We will continue to organise actions until we realise the full potential of the change we seek.


The March for System Change is an example of one of our regular coalition-led mobilisations. The march is aimed at addressing the need for energy, water, housing and food access for all to address the interlinking crises of income inequality, climate crisis, water and food insecurity. We implemented the March for System Change as a way to highlight the intersectional (cross cutting) nature of the climate and environmental crises, and to draw attention to the fact that we need systemic change to address any and all of the issues facing the country and the world. 

School engagements

The African Climate Alliance was born out of engagement with school-going youth. It was an inter-school’s group of young people who chose the name for the organisation and envisioned a youth network spanning the African continent. Whilst the organisation has grown and changed since then (and builds on that vision in our other programmes), we  continue to engage with schools and school eco clubs in South Africa either through our own work or through our partners. We aim to engage school going youth in the climate issue as they are some of the biggest stakeholders in the climate impacts that will increasingly impact their future if more is not done to mitigate the crisis. We also offer resources that can be utilised by schools. If you are a school student or teacher, email us at for more information. 


We are part of several coalitions and networks as part of our commitment to collaboration and solidarity. Some of this has included: 

  • Being on the national coordinating committee for the nationwide #uprootthedmre protests which called for the transformation of South Africa’s department of mineral resources and energy
  • Being on the steering committee for the Climate Justice Coalition 
  •  Endorsing the Climate Justice Charter Movement 
  • Being a part of several other networks and coalitions


We want to bring joy, fun and creativity into activism. That is why we often focus on hopeful messages and positive solutions whilst still holding space for pain and anger. Bringing art into our work is one of the ways we do this. Whether it be musical performances at our protests, artivism workshops or poster paintings, artivism (art + activism) is a key aspect of any actions we do. On the left you can see musicians Soundz of the South performing at one of our events. 

some of our Collaborators include: