What do we mean by #peoplenotprofit and what does it have to do with climate justice?

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Climate change is happening now

It doesn’t only mean it’s getting hotter, that there will be more extreme weather events, and that sea levels are rising. It also means:

  • Food insecurity 
  • Water insecurity 
  • economic damage & job loss
  • Loss of homes
  • Social conflict
  • Mental & physical health impacts
  • Disruption to education 
  • loss of life

That's why climate change is a human rights issue

Climate change is caused by actions such as the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), alongside practices like deforestation and intensive plant and animal agriculture. And what is one things these all have in common?  They are part of big industries to create profit for a few elite people while so many others suffer!


That's where #peoplenotprofit comes in!

because, for too long the rights and wellbeing of people have been sidelined for the purpose of creating wealth for a few. This has created a system that treats people and our natural resources as disposable, leading to many compounding crises: from income inequality, to the climate crisis. when we say #peoplenotprofit, we mean that the rights of people must be put first and that an end must be put to exploitative actions in the name of greed and profit. 

on a local level:

That might look like basic income grants, environmentally conscious affordable housing, socially owned renewable energy, and community owned food networks. Each country context in Africa would look a little different.

on a global level:

It means working to ensure that developed nations provide funding to third world and developing nations in the form of climate reparations. Reparations which are transparently spent and can put people before profit, and can be used to shift to sustainable practices and economies.

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