Global Climate Strike

DATE: 20 September 2019

TIME: 12:00-14:00

PLACE: Greens on the corner of Cambridge & Hanover (Keizergracht) Street, Zonnebloem then march to Parliament 


The fight for social justice and environmental justice are the same fight. We cannot solve any other social issue if we do not have a liveable planet with access to safe clean drinking water and food. We cannot do this alone. We need the government to do their part. That is why we want to get the attention of government to deliver on our demands:


•Officially declare a climate emergency 

•Stop all new coal, gas and oil mining projects

•Convert the electricity sector to run on 100% renewable energy by 2030

•Create a mandatory education curriculum about climate change and its effects on South Africa for all schools 


OUR SUPPORTERS AND PARTNERS, Project 90 by 2030, Greenpeace Africa, Greenpeace Cape Town, Greenpop, Extinction Rebellion Cape Town, XR Youth, Fossil Free South Africa, AIDC, One Million Climate Jobs, Princess Vlei Forum, Four Elements Conservation, Green Anglicans, Earthchild Project, Children Resource Centre, The Beach Co-op, Oceano Reddentes, Waves For Change, #Seathebiggerpicture, eMzantsi Carnival, Africa Clockwise