ACA Takes Part in Youth Day Parade

On Youth Day 2022, African Climate Alliance joined the Youth Day Parade in Johannesburg organised by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and a coalition of socio-environmental justice organisations. The parade called for overall “justice and change” in South Africa. ACA’s programmes coordinator Mitchelle Mhaka attended and had this say:

“Anyone who was part of the march to the Union buildings on the 16th of June 2022, will tell you that the energy was electric. You could feel that all the young people who gathered did so for a purpose, they understood how important it was to protect the future and the world they are set to inherit. The march started at the Loftus Veld Stadium. Youth from all over Gauteng set the street alight with songs of freedom, unity and power. The crowd was energized. 

The youth called for government to effectively fight youth unemployment, end all forms of discrimination and corruption, create sustainable job opportunities and safe environments for learning and development and laslty provide free quality education, healthcare and service delivery.. 

Shock, confusion and disappointment consumed the crowd when the memorandum of demands was handed over away from public view. It was almost as though the recipients of the demands did not think this mass mobilization was legitimate enough to pay respect to. It sent a clear message: those in power still do not take us seriously.

Despite the disappointment that came from not being taken seriously by our current leaders, the hope, positivity and determination from our generation still was strong in the air and is something no one can take away from us. We want to see change and justice, and are determined to make sure we get it.”

We look forward to being part of more events for justice and change in the future, and working alongside other civil society groups to achieve a better South Africa.

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