The Future is Now Campaign – Calling all youth in Africa

This youth day in South Africa, we are launching the next installment of our campaign, #TheFutureisNow which we hope will live up to our aspirational name that is the African Climate Alliance.

That’s why we are calling on all youth from Africa! We are the ones already facing the harms of climate change. Join our campaign by taking action to show the world that we are the African Climate Alliance, ready to do what it takes to have a better future, now!

Engage in an action for #climatejustice, document it, and submit it through this form by latest 6 August 2021, to be a part of #TheFutureisNow campaign that we will showcase this #InternationalYouthDay on 12 August with the 2021 theme “Highlighting the issues that matter most to youth.”

Some actions you could take:

  • Come together with your friends or community to discuss climate and ecological injustices, and what you can do together to become more resilient and build a better future
  • Take part in a guerilla gardening, tree planting, or land restoration effort
  • Stage a protest
  • Call out your politicians or big polluters through letters or social media
  • Create a storytelling or art piece through words, music, art, dance, or visual art

Let’s join forces and show the world that the future is now!

Did you know, in 2020, we ran our first #TheFutureisNow campaign, from June 16th – August 12th? Youth from all around South Africa came together to transform their pain and rage into positive action. They had their say in what they wanted their future to be! Check out the compilation video.

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