#Thefutureis Now – A week of positive action

On June 16th we launched a campaign called #The Future Is Now! It revolved around youth declarations of hope, and confirmations of commitment, with the goal to turn our pain and rage into positive action.

Now we’ve had our say about the future we want. Now it’s time for action! In light of International Youth Day and the beginning of the end for our campaign, we invite you to join us in a positive week of action!

The idea? To create a once-off, short-term, or better yet, long-term action starting during this week. The action should be one that allows you as an individual to work towards systemic change and a future you want to see!

Want to start a community garden? Raise awareness about Gender Based Violence? Fight period poverty? Approach your local government or favourite civil society organisation for a youth voice at the table? Now is the time!

The Future Is Ours! #TheFutureIs NOW

Here are a list of potential action ideas and existing campaigns to support:

#TheFutureIs United

12 August 2020 – Youth Connection Cafe as a meeting place where young people across URI can connect with each other, network, share projects and discuss relevant issues from our different contexts.

Topic: “International Youth Day: The role of Youth in Building and Sustaining Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies.” 

Time: 4:00pm SAST

Sign Up Here: https://tiny.cc/URIyouth

#TheFutureIs free of GBV:

Gender – Based Violence: The pandemic that now has to take precedence

Sign up to help me pack essentials to comfort those who have survived Gender-based Violence. Alternatively make contact to make a financial donation of support! Share the post and also spread awareness

Click Here to learn more and to Help

#TheFutureIs Green:

  • Plan a small group clean up of your community or do it yourself! 
  • Plant your own food garden (Tip: use cutting from veg you normally throw away!)
  • Join a group of like minded activists demanding for Climate Justice
  • Start and Eco-club at school
  • Donate to fundraisers to support young people making sustainable gardens.

Anelisa’s Nursery

A Young Eco-warrior from Earthchild Project by the name Anelisa Ngedezi, aspires to start a nursery in her community in Khayelitsha. She wants to provide community members with seedlings so that they can grow their own vegetables to feed their families. With your support and donations she can make this a reality!

DONATE here: http://earthchildproject.org/donate/ 

Reference: “Anelisa’s Nursery”

#TheFutureIs Queer:

SPECTRUM: An open space for you and me!

Let us come together to begin to better understand one another as a community without judgement, so that we can stand up for each other and an intersectional justice.

Sign up Here to be a part of an open space zoom call and whatsapp group for people on the LGBTQIA+ SPECTRUM

Link to RSVP: https://bit.ly/SPECTRUM_RSVP 

#TheFutureIs BIPOC

  • Advocate for Inclusion of Black people, Indigenous People, and People Of Colour in spaces of importance and decision making.
  • Research online and follow informative instagram accounts to better understand how to be an Ally 
  • Join a safe space whatsapp group or create your own so that you as someone who is BIPOC are able to process strong emotions and challenges in groups that understand your challenges.
  • Join: www.riotculture.org (@riotculture_ ) to either as a BIPOC have a space to share your artwork, calls for action, and written work; or as an ally who would like to share and uplift work and pieces by BIPOC

#TheFutureIs one without Period Poverty

Sign Up here to be a part of a short series of Webinars on Period Poverty and to learn how we can mitigate the issue sustainably! Link to RSVP: https://bit.ly/PeriodInEducation-RSVP

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